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NGC7000 - The North America Nebula - More pictures

Date: 10.11.2001
Time: 20:42 UT
Objective: 2/50 Flexon
Camera: Philips Vesta 675SC piggyback on 8" Europa telescope,
             GEM1 equatorial mount
Focal ratio: F2
Exposure: 40x16s (gain 80%), 40xDF
Capture and stacking: K3CCDTools
Resolution: 23.1 arcsec/pixel (small images have 46.2"/pixel)
Seeing: limiting magnitude for naked eye 4.5
Location: balcony in urban site

Here are more results get by various post processing of the same AVI source:

The full-sized image (23.1 arcsec/pixel). Color balance in MaximDL, only slight processing
A faint nebula structure is visible.

The above picture at 50% size.

Processed picture in Corel PhotoPaint.
Tone curve applied, Level equalization, Contrast

Very hard processing in Corel PhotoPaint.
Nebula structure is nice visible, but stars are poor.

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