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M8 - The Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius (NGC6523)

Click the image to see the full size picture (1.57"/pixel).
M8 - The Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius, 19.06.2002 (23:02 - 23:14 UT)
Resolution: 3.14 arcsec/pixel
Camera: Vesta 675SC2 + 0.6FR
Telescope: 8" F6 Orion Europa Newtonian
Result focal ratio: F3.6
Exposure: 29x15s (gain 100%), AMP OFF, 16xDF, FF
Seeing: lim.magnitude for naked eye 4.2, windy, foggy clouds, 9 days old Moon!
Temperature: 18C

1, Stacked with K3CCDTools
2, Histogram with color separation + gamma 1.30 (K3CCDTools)
3, Brightness-Contrast-Intesity balance in Corel PhotoPaint
4, Result image was filtered by Neat Image

M8 is a red diffuse nebula surrounded by blue reflection nebula (at the northern end). Its distance is uncertain, the mean estimated value is about 5200 ly. Visual brightness is 6.0 mag.

Click the image to see the full size picture (1.57"/pixel).
The same source AVI as above, but gamma factor of value 1.70 was used in step 2 of postprocessing.
The contrast is less than in above image, but higher gamma reveals darker parts of nebula.

Click the image to see the full size picture (1.57"/pixel).
Again the same source as above, but less histogram stretching and gamma 2.00. The image is not as nice as the above images, but stars are nicely round with no distortions and double stars are clearly separated.

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