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M104 Sombrero Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy in Virgo)

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M104 Sombrero Galaxy, 6.5.2003 (5.5.2001, 22:10 - 22:49UT)
Resolution: 1.92 arcsec/pixel
Camera: Vesta 675SC2 at prime focus
Telescope: 8" F6 Orion Europa Newtonian
Result focal ratio: F6
Exposure: summing 54x40s (gain 100%, Amp OFF), 12xDF
Seeing: moderate
Captured and summed in K3CCDTools, postprocessed by Neat Image.

The galaxy is about 50 million light years far away from the Earth.
It was nice experience with my Vixen GP-DX mount - all 54 captured frames were good for stacking, although exposure was even 40s in prime focus! It was not possible to do such long exposures with my GEM1 mount before. I haven't lost any minute from my observing time by bad frames (because of poor tracking).

1, 54 frames captured by K3CCDTools
2, preprocessed by AVIDark and summed in K3CCDTools
3, 2 output images were created -
the first one with soft histogram and gamma 1.70 and the second one with strong histogram stretching and softer gamma of 1.30.
4, These 2 images were processed by Neat Image (noise reduction 30%)
5, Result 2 frames were summed in K3CCDTools again

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