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"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have set in place, what is Man that You are mindful of him?" -- Psalm 8:3,4

Astronomy Links
A Astronomy associations, Links
B Astronomy catalogs & maps and other data
C Astronomy magazines
D NASA and other - pictures, facts
E Math and physics, optics
F Astronomy software
G Telescope and astronomical equipment companies
H Other interesting sites

A. Astronomy associations, Links
astronomyLINKS - comprehensive astronomy links, news
QCUAIG (QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group) Home Page
AstroCam (Very good French site about using webcams for Astronomy)
ALPO - Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers
Astronomical Society of the Pacific

B. Astronomy catalogs & maps and other data
1, Sky catalogs and maps
NASA ADC (Astronomical Data Center) Home page
Digitized Sky Survey - a set of all-sky photographic surveys conducted with the Palomar and UK Schmidt telescopes
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
2, DeepSky catalogs and maps
2000+ Catalog - Catalog describing nearly three thousand "Deep Sky Objects"
SEDS Messier database
List of Brighter Stars by Season
The Galaxy Catalog - Zsolt Frei
The Galaxy Gallery Messier Objects
3, Moon maps, atlases
Consolidated Lunar Atlas
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon
Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5
MOON-Light Atlas (António Cidadão)
4, Other
IOTA/ES International Occultation - Information Site for Lunar Occultations & Grazes

C. Astronomy magazines
Sky and Telescope

D. NASA and other - pictures, facts
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Mars Exploration Homepage
Solar System Simulator
BBC Online - Space - Solar System
The Solar System
Exploring The Planets

E. Math and physics, optics
Astro Computing - Astro Utilities Electronic Book
Celestial Mechanics - from Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics
Solar physics on the web
Optics2001 - Optical Library

F. Astronomy software
1, Sky simulators, planetariums
SkyMap Pro
Home Planet
Meridian (Claude Duplessis)
MyStars! Astronomy Software
2, Astrophotography, Capturing, Image Processing
Astrostack (R.J. Stekelenburg's Astronomy software)
IRIS software
3, Optics, Simulation

G. Telescope and astronomical equipment companies
1, Telescope manufacturers
Meade Instruments Corporation
Celestron International
Orion Optics UK
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Tele Vue Optics
Astro-Physics Inc.
Guan Sheng Optical Co.
Bushnell Sports Optics Worldwide
Tasco - Telescopes
2, Astronomical equipment suppliers
Baader Planetarium
Starlight XPress - (Astro CCD cameras)
Jim's Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Astromeccanica (Miscellaneous astro equipment, digital camera adapters...)
Mogg Adapters for webcams, Focal Reducers
3, Telescope and astronomical equipment suppliers
SCS Astro Ltd. (UK)
Pocono Optics
Hands on Optics!
O'Neil Photo & Optical Inc.
Dalekohledy - Matousek (Czech Republic)
TROMF (Slovakia)

H. Other interesting sites
1, Websites of Christian astronomers
Jan Timmermans (my very good friend) - many useful Tips & Hints
Dave Hahne
John Sussenbach
Bobby Middleton (superb images!)
Martin Wagner (Sells Astro Photo CD with 800 photographs)
Russ Lund
ACA - Association of Christian Astronomers
2, Beautiful personal astronomers' websites
Video Astronomy by Craig Zerbe
António Cidadão's Home-Page of Lunar and Planetary Observation and CCD Imaging
Thierry Legault - High Resolution CCD Imaging
Sylvain Weiller's Web page
Catching the Light - Astrophotography (by Jerry Lodriguss) - www.astropix.com
Carsten Arnholm's Astronomy Home Page
3, Interesting articles
Evidence for God from Science

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