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K3CC Codec

1. What is K3CC Codec?

K3CC codec is a special codec for AVI video files which I developed for encoding higher bit depths than standard 8-bit depths for each color channel.
K3CC codec enables to store the full 16-bit RAW image frames into AVI files.

2. Where can I get K3CC Codec?

K3CC codec is installed together with K3CCDTools 3 program.

3. What is the latest K3CC Codec version?

The latest version of K3CC codec is It is installed together with the K3CCDTools 3 program, version 3.3.6 or higher.

4. What bit depths are currently supported?

K3CC codec currently supports the following bit depths:

Bit depth Monochrome Note
8-bit Yes  
12-bit Yes  
16-bit Yes  
32-bit Yes  
24-bit No 8-bit per R/G/B channel
36-bit No 12-bit per R/G/B channel
48-bit No 16-bit per R/G/B channel
96-bit No 32-bit per R/G/B channel

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Last Update: 26.06.2007