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How to process Meade DSI or DSI Pro captured sequence

Meade DSI and DSI Pro cameras are supported in K3CCDTools 3 version.

A, Opening the captured sequence

1a, If you are in capture mode and you want to open the just captured sequence, press the Open last captured file tool-button:

1b, If you want to open a previously captured sequence, used the Open video or image sequence tool-button:

If you want to process the FTS files captured in Meade original software, you must select the proper FIT file format in the Settings dialog (unfortunately, Meade doesn't use the NASA standard):

2, If you captured sequence in DSI RAW format (K3CCDTools always captures RAW DSI frames) and your camera is color, you must choose the DSI De-Bayer Input Filter:

After selecting the DSI filter your toolbar should look like in the following picture (filter is active when the button is depressed):

3, Now you can select the proper camera and telescope settings (this is important only if you want to measure angles and distances in the frames):

B, Choosing alignment feature

Now select a frame with a visually best quality. Press the Select center point tool-button and move the mouse above the important feature in a frame which you want to use as the alignment point. Then press the left mouse button:

Note: it is possible to choose size of alignment rectangle (using the FFT Center Point Settings menu item) or even select a manual alignment:

After right mouse clicking on the interested feature (mentioned above) the automatic alignment starts.

To be continued...

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