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K3CCDTools 3 Online Registration

If you want to have the unlimited K3CCDTools 3 version and support further K3CCDTools development, you can register it.

The preferred payment method is secure online payment via PayPal. It is safe and fast.
More information about PayPal you can find on PayPal website: www.paypal.com

If you do not like to pay via PayPal, you need to contact me via and we will agree another way of payment.
However, this type of payment will take much more time and usually requires additional transaction fees.

The registration fee is as follows:

a, New K3CCDTools 3 license

i.e. for users who have never registered K3CCDTools before
$ 49.99

b, Upgrade from K3CCDTools 2

i.e. for users who have already registered the version 2.X.X.X
$ 24.00

  • The registration fee includes the provision of registration keys for installation on two computers (e.g. a desktop and a laptop) provided they are used by the same person. For installation on more computers please contact me .
  • The registration fee also includes access to free upgrades of future K3CCDTools 3.X.X.X versions, as well as special upgrade discounts for higher versions.
  • The payment is mediated by third party so don't be confused by not seeing my name in payment confirmation. The confirmation e-mail address must be .

Privacy Statement
All information you supply in the registration procedure will be kept strictly private.
No information you pass to us will be given to any third party or sent out from us without your written permission.

Registration Procedure

After making the payment, please do the following procedure:

1. Type in your full name, e-mail address and K3CCDTools version

Your name has to correspond with the name of the PayPal account owner or credit card holder. Your registration name will be displayed in the title bar of K3CCDTools program.


Note: Both Name and E-mail fields cannot be blank.

2. Type in your K3CCDTools installation serial number

Your K3CCDTools installation serial number is displayed on the top of Registration Procedure dialog. You can recall the Registration Procedure dialog from K3CCDTools by 2 ways:
a, either from Running Period Information dialog displayed at program start-up by pressing Register K3CCDTools button
b, or from the main menu - command Help | Register K3CCDTools

K3CCDTools installation serial number is generated according to computer which K3CCDTools is running on. Thus it is necessary to open Registration Procedure dialog on the computer, where you plan to use K3CCDTools. For more information, please, read K3CCDTools help.

Note: If you want to register K3CCDTools on your second computer, you must send me its installation serial number, too.

The length of installation serial number must be exactly 8 characters.

Serial Number:

Additional notes (the field can remain blank):

3. Send registration e-mail

Press the following button to send registration e-mail to Peter Katreniak.
The e-mail with your registration name, email address and serial number will be automatically generated and sent.

4. Wait for confirmation e-mail

After successful payment you will be contacted via e-mail and you will receive the registration key.
Please, allow 48 hours for the return e-mail to arrive.

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Last Update: March 08, 2010