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"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have set in place, what is Man that You are mindful of him?" -- Psalm 8:3,4

My software for Casio Pocket Viewer

A, K3Astro
B, K3Nikon

I wrote this software for my CASIO Pocket Viewer PV-S460.
It also works on PV-S660 and should work also on newer types if they are backwards compatible with PV-S460.

The great advantage of Casio Pocket Viewer is its battery life - up to 160 hours of working.

Important note: This software is not compatible with PalmOS or Windows CE.

A, K3Astro

This is a pocket planetary almanach. It contains many useful data necessary for planning astronomy observations:
1, Planet's coordinates (R.A., DEC), also including ecliptical coordinates and altaz coordinates
2, Planets, Moon and Sun rise and set
3, Planet's magnitude
4, Planet's distance and angular size
5, Moon phases
6, Central meridian of Mars (incl. small Mars map)
7, Jupiter's central meridian, position of Great Red Spot
8, Position of 4 Jupiter's moons
9, Tilt of Saturn's rings
10, Planetary orrery

Program icon in Main menu

Sun data, incl. stellar time, time difference

Moon and its phases



Mars with map

Jupiter and it's moons




Orrery of inner planets

Orrery of outer planets

Time keyboard enables to change time

Locations database

B, K3Nikon - Remote control for Nikon digital camera

This program enables to control Nikon Coolpix digital cameras via Pocket Viewer's serial port. It enables long exposures for my Coolpix 995 up to 60s. For new Coolpix types it enables even longer exposures.

1, Long exposures
2, Repeating exposures with specified pause between exposures
3, Zoom and unzoom
4, Indication of camera mode (Auto / Manual / Playback)
5, Indication of number of remaining frames
6, Indication of current time

If you are interested in using this software, you can ask me for a free trial version here.
Important note: This software is dedicated for Casio Pocket Viewer and is not compatible with PalmOS or Windows CE.

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