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"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have set in place, what is Man that You are mindful of him?" -- Psalm 8:3,4

The long way of searching for telescope
Day Date Description
1. 4.8.1999 Buying of Bushnell. (a week before the total solar eclipse in Europe).
This caused my return to my hobby from childhood.
~60. sept. 1999 First thoughts about buying a better scope.
    Sending a letter to Hurbanovo (MDN 130).
78. 20.10.1999 Answer from Hurbanovo (MDN 130).
105. 16.11.1999 5 letters was sent to 5 telescope sellers in Slovakia.
Starting the 2. stage of searching for telescope.
112. 23.11.1999 Answer from Mr. Kamenický.
155. 5.1.2000 Answer from Astromarket.
411. 17.9.2000 Buying of Newton 150mm.
412. 18.9.2000 Reclamation of Newton 150mm.
471. 16.11.2000 Buying of webcam Philips Vesta Pro.
555. 8.2.2001 Returning the Newton 150mm to a seller. Ended long treasure with bad scope.
Starting the 3. stage of searching for telescope.
563. 16.2.2001 Received a catalogue from Meade Europe (Astrocom Germany - sent 12.2.2001)
573. 26.2.2001 Received a catalogue from Orion Optics (sent 19.2.2001)
595. 21.3.2001 Paid a proforma invoice to SCS Astro.
604. 29.3.2001 Bank fees => money are on SCS Astro account
605. 30.3.2001 Payment confirmed by Kieron McGrath
654. 18.5.2001 SCS Astro received telescope from Orion Optics
659. 23.5.2001 SCS Astro shipped out the telescope to Slovakia
665. 29.5.2001 Complications with shipment - customs problem on English side
674. 7.6.2001 Shipment happily arrived!!! But one focuser clamp screw is missing.
678. 11.6.2001 Ordered webcam adapter for Philips Vest Pro web camera from Steven Mogg
687. 20.6.2001 Missing clamp screw arrived, but not proper! Asked for proper one.
694. 27.6.2001 Webcam adapter for Philips Vest Pro web camera arrived

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