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What's New in K3CCDTools 2.1.2

1, Exact AVI sequence timing info

This feature enables to see exact frame times of AVI sequence captured with using log option. In Windows NT, 2000, XP it gives timing precision better than 50ms.

The feature is useful for studying occultations or transits timing.

It can be also used for studying object motion, changes, etc. in non astronomy branches.

2, Reading JPG exposure time from EXIF data

Why is this function useful?
  • JPG file date/time holds information only with precision of 2 seconds and may be changed by some processing (e.g. rotation)
  • File date/time may be changed by Windows system when file is copied over network (usually it is caused by daylight saving time system implemented in Windows, so file time may be shifted +/- 1 hour
  • EXIF time is displayed directly in Frames List, so there is a very easy orientation about timing

3, If Darker stacking method

This method adds to result picture only these areas, which are darker than result picture. It is very useful e.g. for creating transit sequences. For example, both the following animation as well as transit sequence were generated by K3CCDTools 2 from the same project file in a moment:

Animation created by Export Frame Collection command

Sequence created by "If Darker" stacking

You can look at higher resolution images on my Venus Transit page.

4, Adding titles to frames

K3CCDTools 2.1 has implemented the new Output Filters architecture. It enables additional post-processing of your frames. Currently the Text Output Filter is implemented. In future I plan to add also other filters.

With Text Output Filter you can add your own titles to the sequence. It offers a lot of areas of utilization, e.g.:
  • adding time information to your single frames
  • adding time information to the whole animations
  • adding date and time info to your conventional photos
  • placing any text in any area of picture

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