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What's New

What's New in K3CCDTools 3.1.4


This update again brings some new features. The most important is Lumenera cameras support.

Video Capture

1, Lumenera cameras support

K3CCDTools 3.1.4 version supports Lumera cameras. The monochrome cameras are fully supported, the color cameras are supported partially yet (I am working on full support). K3CCDTools supports now all advanced Lumenera features - like Region of Interest (ROI) selection, long exposure modes, etc. Also the newest Lumenera SKYnyx series are supported.
Now you can use all well known tools with Lumenera cameras - Brightness Level Meter, Live Histogram, Focusing Tool, Auto-guiding, FFT Dialog.

Color Lumenera cameras can capture only in RAW format yet.

2, LX200 Focuser commands in Focusing Dialog

Now you can control your focuser if it recognizes LX200 focusing commands. It works when you have selected LX200 auto-guiding protocol.

Drift Explorer + Autoguiding

Selection of DEC guiding direction


Usually corrections in DEC exis are required only in one direction - either in positivive or negative direction. Now you can select in Drift Explorer the following DEC guiding corrections:
  • Positive & negative
  • Positive only
  • Negative only

The direction can be selected by clicking on the +/- control next to the DEC Control checkbox.

Motor stop command during camera angle measuring for LX200

K3CCDTools now enables to stop motors also for LX200 compatible mounts (compatible with the GPS command set). You can specify it in the Settings dialog - Use Sleep/Wake Up commands:

Other New Features

I implemented the new INI files handling - now reading of INI files is independent of decimal point settings - it reads properly floating point numbers with '.' and ','. This enhances transportability of INI files between various computers.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed access violation error with LPI cameras
- Fixed some problems with Large Fonts (Windows Display settings) - Drift Explorer dialog, About dialog
- Fixed access violation arror in Select Directory dialog when Large Fonts are used
- Fixed bug when exporting frames to FITs - now the FIT files contain proper exposure data in FIT header

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Last Update: 29.05.2006