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What's New

What's New in K3CCDTools 3.4.7


This is another new version with new features. The most important is the Artemis/Atik camera support.

Video Capture

1, Support for Artemis/Atik cameras
  • This new version supports Atik 16IC cameras as well as another 16-bit Artemis/Atik cameras

You can select your Artemis/Atik camera by using the Device menu:

After choosing the camera the Artemis/Atik Control Panel appears:

Frame size and binning sellection:

You can choose the frame size (including binning) by means of Frame Size combobox. Various frame sizes and binning settings for each type are defined in the Artemi.ini file - so you can edit it and add your preffered frame sizes and binning settings.

Exposure length control:

You have 2 possibillities to control the exposure:
1, by trackbar - trackbar contains set of preset values (definable in the Artemis.ini file). By using mouse or left/right keys you can change the exposure very fast from 1/1000s up to several minutes. Also the marks on trackbar are user-definable.
2, by spinedit - the Artemis/Atik Control Panel uses improved spinedit for exposure length control. It has dynamic steps, so when you achieve some value the increment/decrement is changed. It enables you to set the desired value very quiickly. Furthemore, the predefined values and increments are user definable in the Artemis.ini file.

Other controls in the Artemis Control Panel are well known from other cameras already supported in K3CCDTools:

Repeat Count - Specifies the number of exposures to capture.

Repeat Period - Specifies the repeat period. If the checkbox is checked, then the exposures are performed in the specified interval. The repeat period must be longer than the Exposure time (of course). For instance you can perform 20s exposures with a 1 minute interval.

Frame Alarm - When a specified number of frames is captured, then sound alarm appears. This feature is very useful for signalization of time for changing color filter or covering a scope (for taking dark frames).

Various capture resolutions are defined in the Artemis.ini file, so you can edit it, add or remove some frame sizes. The structure of the Artemis.ini file is self-explanatory:

2, Better support for Live Preview deBayering

Some cameras are delivered with special software YUV decoders which were not compatible with previous version of K3CCDTools. This version supports also such YUV decoders.

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